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Services offered by IN-SPEKT



The services provided by IN-SPEKT DEVELOPMENT include all the areas of activity that make up the development and exploitation of the real estate project:

  • feasibility study of the investment
  • analyzing the different locations and determining the optimal one
  • establishing the design team
  • analysis of technical solutions
  • optimization of the project by qualified specialists
  • authorization and endorsement of the project
  • budgeting the project
  • analyzing the entrepreneurs offers
  • selecting the entrepreneurs and negociating the contracts
  • selecting of materials and the suppliers
  • tracking the execution of the project acording to the deadlines and execution schedule
  • tracking the quality level through qualified specialists and fitting into the budget
  • getting project funding
  • legal assistance throughout the process
  • promoting the project to the end-user
  • selling/leasing the project as a whole or per unit
  • the overall coordination of the project